A cloud that appears.
But as with every storm cloud,
It will soon vanish.

© Levi Wooten, 2022

If you are feeling down, just remember, this is just a short amount of time till it passes. Scientist can’t measure how dark a place is, but only by how much light exists. Even if you feel that you are trapped in a box, there still light outside that box. You only need someone to open that box to let the light in. Find that small bit of light and cling to it.

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Joyfulness is a simple thing that can spread like wildfire. Just like wildfires, it always starts with a very simple and small act of kindness.

I work with a lady, and every morning when I walk in she’s right there waiting to tell me good morning. That is one of the best starts to my day. I know this because when she is sick or on vacation, I have a different attitude at work, just because my morning has started off at a different rhythm. Just this small act of kindness sets the pace for my day.

I want to be like her. She never has a bad thing to say. I can tell when she isn’t feeling the best but she still makes the effort to spread a little bit of positivity. Here are a few simple ways that can make someone smile today.


This is the easiest and cheapest form of spreading some joy to one another. Maybe you might have some anxiety about speaking to people or the people you are around you don’t know that well. A smile can work on anyone. Also, a smile works in all languages. You don’t need to speak their language to let them know you are happy to see them, just throw them a smile.

Simple “Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening”

This is slightly more involved than just smiling. You will need to make an attempt to speak to some people. This is not for everyone but like I said in the intro, this makes my morning when I walk into work. We also do have to be aware of our tone when speaking, so this becomes slightly more involved and can come across to people as something negative. Maybe you aren’t feeling it that day, just give those people a smile instead.

Ask them “How are you doing?”

This shows compassion and to some people who realize what is happening this shows that you are willing to take time out of your schedule to hear what they have to say. If you are in the work place and you are walking from point A to point B, you just happen to pass by someone mention this, there is a risk to getting their full load to the day. We want to be good employees at our work and keep conversations that might use company time to a minimum, but usually if you are saying this to someone, you know a fair bit about them and how they normally react. We all work with that one person that is just waiting for their turn in telling the story. Asking this can cause you to have to pause from your work for an extended amount of time, possibly not ending well. Most of the time I just get the, “I’m doing good”, or the dreaded “I’m here”, which I normally respond with, “We do get paid to be here, so that’s a plus”. If someone asks you this take some time to come up with an extremely positive response now and use it the next time someone asks. It could be as simple as “I’m doing wonderful”, or “Fantastic”. This changes the pace cause the person isn’t use to receiving this much positivity as a normal response.

Purchase something Small for Them

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift. Gifts are a way to display how you care about the person mostly because you have learned enough about them to purchase something they would enjoy. When I have a friend at work that is kinda down, I have in the past taken the time to go to the snack machine and purchase something I have seen them eat in the past, or even get them their favorite soda. This doesn’t cost much, usually less than an $1, but to see their face light up because you took the time out of your day and money from your pocket even though it wasn’t much, you just brighten their day.

There is a lot more that you can do, and there are many blogs out there about what you can do to be a positive influence in someones life. Just take the few moments out of your day to make a lasting impact on someones life today.

Increase Positivity

I have noticed in my daily life that my language has not necessarily become negative or pessimistic, but has become a “neutral terminology” if you will. It started with saying “morning” instead of “good morning”, and has become influenced by other greetings. When someone asks me how it’s going I will usually respond with “pretty good” or “it’s going”. These are not necessarily negative statements, but depending on how the person’s state of mind is currently at it could invoke a negative thought process.

You might be asking why would “pretty good” be perceived as negative? Pretty is a positive word and good is a positive word. The word “pretty” can be perceived as the same as “mostly”, thus sometimes someone could have the thought process that wonders what could be going wrong.

I have a friend who is one of the most positive people that I know. He has embedded positivity into his daily language to the point that when I know he is going through a difficult time, I can still ask him how he is doing and he will always say “fantastic”. When he’s is overstressed on his job, I can ask him how his project is coming along and he will say “fantastic”.

My Bro-In-Law has done this in his daily language also. When you ask him how he is doing he states “wonderful”. Even when you ask him “how’s it going”, he responds “living the dream.”

I don’t want to have anyone perceive me as pessimistic even in the slightest. I know it is minor, but if changing one or two words in my daily language could improve that it will be worth it.

I going to start saying “good morning” in place of just “morning”, for “pretty good”, I will be saying “I’m doing great”. This may not influence someone’s thought process, but at least I can feel better about myself knowing that I am making progress in a positive direction.