Justify your stance without sweeping your opponents leg.

I have studied martial arts for over 26 years. Over that time I have studied the strengths and weakness of a lot of styles and have come to the conclusion that there is not 1 style that is best. You have to find the combination of all the teachings to be prepared in battle. With that, I have implemented my martial arts education into other areas of my life.

We are in the year 2021. A trying time with division inside our nation. Every time I am on social media I see the same thing. Attacking someone’s beliefs or opinions by destroying the reasoning for ones stance on the topic. This is a problem in modern society. What has been educated is to exploit the weakness of ones stance and then pounding it into the ground, instead of taking the strongest point of the opinion what the person believes in and building up on that.

There have been many times I have stepped in on arguments in the work place to try to deescalated the situation. The situation is always built on the same foundation. One person is stating to the other person “this is what you are doing wrong and here is why you don’t do it that way”, or “I don’t know why in the world you are doing it that way.” These 2 statements have always been a problem in educating and assisting people in the work place.

Dealing with multiple areas of line of work, I tend to approach a situation the same way. “Yes, you can do it that way, but can I suggest a different approach”. I’m not necessarily saying you are doing it wrong. For instance, you could type all the number 1-100 in Excel for a column. There really isn’t anything wrong with typing all the numbers if you take the time to confirm that you didn’t make any mistakes. There just happens to be a more efficient way to populate the number 1-100 by using the fill series capabilities of Excel. This eliminates the use of human error and also reducing the amount of time spent doing the task. Positive reinforcement is what we should be providing to our community.

I don’t want to make this a political discussion, but this is where I saw it the most on social media and discussions in the work place. Side A is doing this wrong instead of here is what side B is doing right. Instead of putting down what you are coming against, up sale your point of view. Look at here is what we can improve instead of pointing out what the actual negativity. Yes, the other side A is doing something wrong, but tell me what we can do to improve the situation. There’s no reason to point out an issue if you have no idea on how to refine the current process.

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