Flowers primary objective are to look pretty.
Hidden abilities include attracting insects,
To help pollinate other surround plants.
Perhaps to provide a safe haven for a creature from the rain.
Providing someone a chance,
To pause and see the good things in their day.
Allowing their friends to be gather together,
To show sympathy from one person to another.
Or even to say I'm sorry for what I did,
So here are 12 roses that I bought that will die soon,
But for now look how pretty they are,
And that they smell amazing.
When you feel that you are not going anywhere,
Just remember you might be a flower.
That little reminder to someone that there is good in the world,
Someone who can draw people near to help others,
A shelter in someones life when they are going though a storm.
If you are a flower,
Be prepared for someone to come you,
Pick you from you area you are comfortable in.
So they can take you home,
Be handed to someones spouse,
And hear the words,
"Sorry I forgot our anniversary again, here's a bouquet of Levi's."
Yes it may not be the prettiest bouquet,
It will still bring a simile in someones life.

© Levi Wooten, 2019

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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