AutoDesk AutoCAD Tip: Double Click Action

Quick tip for AutoDesk AutoCAD:

Change your double click action for common objects like lines or circles from quickproperties to something that is more commonly used with lines and circles.

I have changed my double click for lines and circles to match properties. This is a common command for me to use. Feel free to modify your double click action to match properties or maybe you use extend and trim more often than match properties.

You could even set your double click to start the command do draw that selected entity. “You want a line, double click a line.”

I’m not saying that quick properties is useless for everyone, I’m not a big fan of it since I have my properties pallet up to the right of my drawing area. Also if I have it floating to my mouse cursor, I usually still need to see the objects that are behind the quick properties pallet.

Remember, the beauty of AutoCAD is its ability to be customized to suit the individual.

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